As in the commercial area the Office’s clients are largely corporate, naturally it has built up great experience in assisting them in the various stages of life or circumstances of commercial and industrial companies, such as organization, dissolution and conversion (through mergers, amalgamations or splits)

Another distinction of Garcia & Keener in the corporate field is that it pioneered, in Brazil, in the organization and operation of franchises and has expertise in handling foreign trade matters (registration in DECEX, temporary admissions, customs valuations, dumping etc.).

Whatever the business, unfortunately no company is totally safe from occasional setbacks that sometimes have to be faced, e.g. those relating to contracts in general, recovery of credits, corporate and contractual disputes. For tackling with these issues, besides the traditional dispute resolution techniques, Garcia & Keener is also experienced with arbitration and mediation proceedings, having represented clients’ interests before such important court as the ICC, the International Court of Arbitration.