Founded in May 1959 in Rio de Janeiro by José Geraldo Garcia de Souza and Ulysses Grant Keener Jr., at a time when there existed few law firms that were dedicated to assisting foreign clients, a specialty in which Garcia & Keener surely pioneered.

Its history is marked by participation in memorable facts in Brazil. To name one, the office handled all the legal measures for implementing Jari Project, an enterprise in the Amazon Region which involved creating a village of 16,000 square kilometers, building ports, a railway, nine thousand kilometers of roads, schools and hospitals, not to mention that it was brought from Japan floating modules for a thermoelectric power plant and a pulp mill, which was one of the main objectives of the project.

The office also provided legal advisory for establishing a hotel chain in Brazil, having assisted in the foundation of internationally-renowned hotels in the city of Rio de Janeiro. As for its expertise in mergers and acquisitions, in 2007 Garcia & Keener paved the way for the merger of a non-alcoholic beverage company by one of its clients, as well as having rendered legal opinions about tax and labor impacts on that transaction, among other successful cases.

During all this period of more than 50 years, Garcia & Keener has admitted into its membership very skilled lawyers with experience in a number of branches of Law, allowing the office to grow constantly without ever giving up excellence or neglecting to offer individual attention to its clients – this has been Garcia & Keener’s hallmark.

Most lawyers of Garcia & Keener started working at the office when they were law students or in the outset of their professional life. These lawyers have adhered to values such as ethics, conscientiousness and pursuit of excellence in the services the office provides. Today, the membership of Garcia & Keener is formed by young and up-to-date lawyers, who, nonetheless, have championed and perpetuated the basic values that inspired its founders.

And, persisting with its trajectory of success, Garcia & Keener works with excellence in several branches of Law and has arms in São Paulo, Manaus and Campinas, as well as counting on correspondent lawyers in the main cities in Brazil, notably in Brasília, representing a vast geographical territory of action that is attractive to new clients and allows the office to enhance the assistance it already gives to long-established ones.

In other words, Garcia & Keener is a traditional law office with highly-skilled lawyers, who maintain long-lasting relationships with its clients and can be proud of the remarkable results that have been attained since its foundation. The secret of its achievements is the constant pursuit of excellence.