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With a history deeply rooted in Law, our office combines experience with a state-of-the-art and up-to-date approach.

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Practice areas

Practice areas

Intellectual Property, Copyrights
and Entertainment

Garcia & Keener has, over the years, achieved a notable experience in the many segments of intellectual property, with intense performance not only in advisory but also in litigations connected with copyrights, artistic rights, neighboring rights, trademarks

Foreign Investment and
Capital Market

The founders of the Office came from an old law firm from Rio de Janeiro, which was oriented to give assistance to foreign investors.

Free Competition and
Economic Defense

As it would be expected from an office like Garcia & Keener, it could not abstain from acting in that area, what it has been doing constantly since the early days of creation of the official regulatory bodies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the business domain, Garcia & Keener has participated in the organization of medium- and large-sized companies, consolidations, spin-offs, mergers, consortia, joint ventures, sale, and purchase of securities and of company assets, among others.

Business Advisory

The predominance of commercial legal entities among its clientele has naturally made the Office acquire substantial experience to deal with diverse issues that come out in the life of commercial and industrial companies

Wealth and Succession

The Office is also experienced in wealth and succession planning to establish the best strategies and preventive solutions for management of its clients’ assets.

The office

Garcia & Keener was founded in Rio de Janeiro, in May 1959, by the lawyers José Geraldo Garcia de Souza and Ulysses Grant Keener Junior. At that time, there was only a few law firms in Brazil dedicated to assist foreign clients, a specialty pioneered by Garcia & Keener.


Hugo Mauricio Sigelmann

Carlos Eugenio Lopes

George E. Ripper Vianna

Augusto Moreira de Carvalho

José Manuel Rodrigues Lopez

Antônio Eduardo Lyrio Rezende

Iuri Engel Francescutti

João Carlos Backheuser Mambrini

Daniela de Sousa Saturnino Braga

Igor Bandeira de Mello Dourado Lopes

Leandro Braga Ribeiro

Georgiana R. V. Mendes de Almeida

Gilberto da Silva Costa Filho

Rafaelle Cortes de Oliveira

Leticia Baffi Ferreira Pinto

Natálya Lopes Rangel de Souza

Sidney Pinto Loureiro Júnior

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